Box of Dread: December 2014 Unboxing + Fist of Jesus mini review

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This month's box was perfect. I am a big Gremlins fan and hold a sweet spot in my heart for Nightmare Before Christmas. My Gizmo koozie has already been put to good use!

The film poster is for a short film titled Fist of Jesus, created in 2012 by directors Adrian Cordona and David Munoz. It's a little tongue and cheek zombie movie centering around the story of Jesus. As an atheist who attended a Christian daycare as a child, (where I later worked as a teenager for a year, woof) I know more than I want to about general bible stories. When I saw Jesus performing the miracle of human life, I didn't expect it to be this kind of reincarnation. The gore is terrible (and great,) and I laughed SO much. This film is definitely worth 15 minutes of your time.

Marc Velasco (Jesus would be cute with a pompadour, wouldn't he?) and (ultra babe) Eli Roth
I originally thought Fist of Jesus was part of a compilation, but after further research have found that the filmmakers are trying to make a feature film around this story, titled Once Upon A Time in Jerusalem. Take a peek at the short film below, and visit the website at

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Update: domain names, Dread Central press, and stuff I'm enjoying this winter

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HELLO FRIENDS. First things first, GIRLTERROR.COM IS A THING AND YOU ARE ON IT. My little horror blog is on a real life web domain. These are exciting times. Also, my email address has changed! To contact me regarding Girl Terror, you can find me at! @GIRLTERROR.COM. I KNOW.

In other news, some of you may have seen my face pop up in this month's Dread Central subscriber email. This is definitely one of the coolest things that has happened to me ever, especially in the history of Girl Terror. Dread Central is one of my favorite blogs, and is among the most respected horror blogs on the internet. I feel so privileged to be part of the Box of Dread community and it was an honor to show up in this month's subscriber email. (PS: Did you subscribe for December?)

I also wanted to take this update to share a few of the things I've been loving lately.

1. Now Playing Podcast. I started listening to Now Playing when I was freelancing with Stila Cosmetics this summer. Commuting is a drag but listening to a bunch of real movie fans analyze horror movies (and action flicks, comedies, etc.) makes driving a little more fun. Sometimes I disagree with their "do not recommends," but I always laugh a lot and it's really interesting to hear other ideas about my favorite horror films and franchises. Now Playing is a free podcast (although there are additional podcasts and retrospective series for people who donate) and can be found on iTunes or at

2. Oh, just some shameless self promotion. I've been making pins a lot this week so wanted to share one of my favorites in the Girl Terror shop. These babies are $6 + shipping. Handmade with love out of wood and acrylic, and have a barback pin. 

3. "Duality of Laura Palmer" print from Dark Matter Artwork, $10. My friend, Richard Young, makes rad art and it's all quite affordable. I have an early version of this print and it's one of my favorites. He has plenty more cool prints in his shop, and also does commissions. (He's been known to paint some rad shoes.) Think of the great Christmas present options! 

4. Popaganda Podcast. It's no secret that I love podcasts. Popaganda is a podcast about pop culture and feminism by Bitch Media. They have some great feminist podcasts, but I especially enjoyed their podcasts about feminism and sci-fi, and feminism and horror films. These are an easy listen, totally free, and available on iTunes or at

What podcast recommendations do you have? (Spoiler alert: I already listen to Welcome to Nightvale!) Thanks for catching up with me! XOXO

Box of Dread: November 2014

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Hey internet! Here is November's Box of Dread unboxing video. See more info and a closer view at what's inside after the jump!

Life update + the future of Girl Terror

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Hey friends. The past few months of my life have been very crazy, and I just wanted to post a little update for those of you who regularly keep up with my blog and Youtube channel. You may have noticed I didn't complete my 31 Days of Halloween, nor have I continued my Netflix series so I wanted to offer a little explanation and some insight to what's happening with me and with Girl Terror.

What's been going on? As I mentioned in my August Box of Dread post, I left my full time retail job in July to pursue my lifelong dream, a career as a makeup artist. In addition to freelancing alone and with a business partner, I was working for Stila Cosmetics. Stila was a great bridge into the industry, I learned so much but I was required to commute roughly five hours a day, four days a week. Having three days off to focus on my social life and Girl Terror was wonderful, but I was exhausted, and I was broke.

In October I decided that something had to give, so I called it quits with Stila. I picked up a part time retail job to make some extra money, and recently began freelancing for a company called It Cosmetics. It Cosmetics is a newer brand and is growing rapidly; I'm making more money, and I'm still doing lots of networking. However, working both jobs has had me working almost 7 days a week and I haven't had any time to work on Girl Terror. Girl Terror means just as much to me as my makeup artist career, I love having a creative outlet for something that I'm deeply passionate about, and I love getting to know all of you. Last week, something amazing happened. I spent time working with my account executive at It Cosmetics, and I received more hours based on my performance. Additionally, I resigned from my part time retail position and as of this week I have freelance hours with a second skincare brand.

So, let's talk about the future of Girl Terror! I will be off three to four days a week(!!!) to create content. I will be making more money which means Girl Terror will probably become a .com within weeks. I will be opening a P.O. box to receive mail from you guys. The giveaway was very successful at driving traffic to Girl Terror, and I love giving back to you, so I would like to see more of them happen in the future. Eventually, I would like to work with small horror related businesses for sponsorship on giveaways and maybe even ad placement so I can fund bringing you even more fun things. I am so so so excited to get back into the swing of things and push content on Girl Terror. This is truly so much fun for me and I am so thankful to have support from so many wonderful horror fans. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Girl Terror!

I am always open to communication with you guys, and love to keep in touch. Please drop me a comment, email, or Facebook message, if you have any blog ideas, movie recommendations, cool horror merch for me to check out, or if just want to chat!

Thanks for reading (and for all of your continued support!) XOXO

100 Facebook Likes Giveaway (CLOSED)

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FINALLY! Although a small milestone, the Girl Terror Facebook page has hit 100 likes! Thank you all so much for your support. To celebrate, I am hosting a giveaway! Here are the details:

What are you giving away?
In the spirit of my favorite thing to receive in the mail, one lucky reader will win a horror mystery box! Inside you'll find some of my favorite things, including but not limited to: horror DVDs, things from Box of Dread past, things from my Etsy shop, various horror related items. You won't know exactly what's inside until it's at your door but I think that's the most fun.

Who can enter?
Anyone in the United States who is over 18 can enter.

How do I enter?
There are multiple ways to gain entry! Requirements: You must like the Girl Terror Facebook page. You must comment on this post stating your favorite horror villain. There are additional ways to get more entries via Rafflecopter.

When will the giveaway take place? 
The giveaway runs through 11:59pm (CST) on November 6th, 2014. A winner will be chosen at random, personally emailed, and announced on the blog on November 7th, 2014. If the winner does not come forward within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen.

Thanks again and happy giveaway! You guys are the best. XOXO

UPDATE: The winner is Kristen Sanchez! But, I decided one winner wasn't enough. So I picked a second, my friend and the greatest supporter, Johnny Tellez. CONGRATULATIONS! I will be personally emailing you both! XOXO

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Halloween Horror Movie Tag

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My internet friend and fellow Youtuber, Johnny Tellez, posted this Halloween/horror movie tag on his page so I decided to film my own responses!

What are your picks for the tag? Film a video or answer the questions in the comments! XOXO

Box of Dread: October 2014

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Hey internet! It's that time again. Take a peek at this month's Box of Dread unboxing video below and read more information about this month's box after the jump!

What to Watch: The 15 Best Horror Movies of the 2000s on Netflix

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I've been waiting all year for October. It's time for jacket weather, pumpkin everything, and even more horror movies. I've see a handful of my friends on Facebook ask for Netflix recommendations, so I was inspired to note my favorites here on the blog. This list is part of a three part series: classics, 80s/90s horror, and 2000s horror. Check out my favorite Netflix picks from the 2000s after the jump!

Best of: Meta Horror Movies

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I love when a horror movie can make fun of itself, or recognize its predecessors, and as my friend Noelle said, the meta horror movie is now a genre in itself. The self referential horror film is a dime a dozen in the year 2014, but there are a few masterpieces worth noting. Take a peek at my favorite meta horror movies after the jump!

Scream Queens and Final Girls: You're Next

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I feel like I am pretty constantly behind the times when it comes to horror movies. Such was the case with the 2013 flick, You're Next. More than anything, I don't trust American horror. It comes in fads (we all remember the early 2000s Japanese remake trend, right?) and is usually full of excessive CGI, terrible acting, and predictable plot lines. 

I began watching You're Next a few weeks ago, and I either got bored, or distracted, and shut it off after twenty minutes. A few days later, my dear friend (and graphic designer/web developer for this page!) Jacob, gave me a play by play of his reactions ("OMG," "YES," "SO GOOD,") and it inspired me to give it another shot. I was SO pleasantly surprised.

Now, You're Next isn't your typical home invasion horror movie. There's no torture, (Funny Games,) or meaningless entry, (The Strangers.) This flick has a strong plot that kept my interest until the very last minute. I was happy to see "oh, hey, it's that guy!", AJ Bowen, who has been popping up in SO many horror movies lately. I maybe have a little crush on him. No big deal. Ti West makes an appearance, as well. I won't spoil too much for you- I'm really just here to talk about the female lead.

Sharni Vinson plays Erin, the unlikely final girl. Vinson doesn't have many acting credits but I'm seriously hoping to see more horror films under her belt in the future. She delivered such strong acting and was so believable as a heroine. In fact, she was runner up for a Fangoria award this year! (You go, girl.)

Erin begins as the girlfriend who tagged along for a family reunion. There's a mention later of her being the student of her boyfriend, which gets a few side eyes and VERY briefly makes her a "ditzy college girl" stereotype. However, when shit hits the fan, and oh, does shit hit the fan, Erin is full of A+ survival skills. She takes control of the situation, and knows just what to do to keep everyone calm while giving instructions to keep everyone safe. When her boyfriend flees to seek help, Erin is attacked multiple times. Every time, she outsmarts the masked killer or brutally kills them. First, there's some great action with a meat tenderizer. She even sets window traps and we see a nice nail to the foot. Later, she takes a blender to someone's skull. What a bad ass.

When another character asks where she learned all of her survival skills, we receive an interesting survivalist back story that doesn't make Erin a total victim. She makes it to the end and doesn't let a single person fuck with her. 

You're Next is an important piece in American horror and I am so happy it included a strong female lead who wasn't seriously sexualized and wasn't totally worthless. Also, this film (barely) passes the Bechdel Test! My only disappointment was that there were no people of color and all of the relationships were heteronormative. This does make sense with the plot, (white upperclass family, you know?) but it would have been nice to see a little bit more diversity. All in all, I was pleased with Erin's character and You're Next. 

Did you see You're Next? What were your thoughts? Tell me your favorite female leads in the comments! 


Box of Dread: September 2014

HOLY LATE UNBOXING! My Macbook has been out of commission due to a dead charger for a few weeks so I've been unable to make any posts or film my September Box of Dread unboxing. I was ECSTATIC for its arrival because not opening my Box of Dread was torturing me.

As always, check out the video below and more information after the jump!

Box of Dread: August 2014 + A little announcement!

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It's that time of the month! A new Box of Dread is here! This box was super cool and full of cute little things that made my heart happy. Before we dig into the box, I wanted to take a moment to announce that I am now a full time makeup artist and blogger. I seriously have three days a week dedicated to blogging! Holy shit, right? You can find more Girl Terror content here, and all of my additional blogging ventures will be over in the about me section. Thanks for all of your nice words, so far, internet! 

Check out the unboxing video below, and more information after the jump! 

Back to School Horror Picks

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For some, the impending doom of “fall semester” is approaching. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite school related werewolves, vampires, and teen screams. Whether you are sending your small ones off this year, or heading to classes yourself, this list is everything you need to prepare for back to school. Check it out after the jump!

Box of Dread: July 2014

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Hey horrorsphere! My life has been crazy the past month. I've been working overtime, have had a social life (weird, right?), and have just been busy which is why I missed a post in June. Womp, womp. Sorry, friends. However, I am back with a new Box of Dread unboxing video for the month of July!

Check out the video (keep an eye out for a cameo from Mintzy the cat at the end!) and see more details after the jump!

Box of Dread: June 2014/Flashback Weekend?

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Hey horror fans! My June Box of Dread is here! This was my third box to date and I'm a happy gal. Check out the video and see more details after the jump!

Tiffany's Favorite Horror Dads

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It's Father's Day, so let's talk about horror's best dads! I couldn't let moms have all the fun! The father figures in my life aren't nearly as into horror (or feminism) as my mom, but they're excellent nonetheless. (This actually served as a good reminder that I still have my stepdad's copy of Land of the Dead. Thanks, brain!)

This pretty much explains my relationship with my wonderful stepdad, Tom.
My dad and I never take good pictures together. Not ever. 

The dads listed here are as memorable as they are terrible, but I think that's what makes me love them. Happy Father's Day! (Where's my cake?)

Box of Dread: May 2014

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It's past my bedtime and I'm late night blogging but I just opened my May Box of Dread and couldn't wait to share it! This is my second box from the creators of Dread Central. I loved my first box so much and my second box didn't disappoint! Check out individual photos of the items after the jump!

Tiffany's Favorite Horror Moms

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I started watching horror movies with my mom at a very young age. We used to spend Sundays doing pedicures, eating snacks, and watching 1970s slashers. In fact, my fondest memory is of us putting up the Christmas tree and watching the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre every year. I spent my first mother's day away from my mom this year and was inspired to celebrate some excellent ladies in horror and compile a list of my favorite horror moms in her honor. Happy Mother's Day!

Box of Dread: April 2014

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I'm a sucker for good old fashioned snail mail. There is nothing quite like receiving a package and mail day is always a good day. When I found out about Box of Dread, my mail lover/horror dreams came true. Before I get into the good stuff, I'll give you a little breakdown of how Box of Dread works.

The minds behind A+ horror blog Dread Central started this monthly subscription box. There are two pay options: $20/monthly payment or $57/three month payment. The three month payment saves you $3. Every month subscribers receive a box filled with horror memorabilia and one lucky subscriber wins Dread's "7th Box" (WHAT'S IN THE BOX?) filled with over $100 goodies, like new movies, games, signed merchandise, and movie props.

32 Films That Made Me Question Humanity

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I love a good exploitation film. If it's disturbing, disgusting, full of gore and psychological trauma, I'm going to be into it. A few weeks ago, I was talking with a coworker who is new to the genre about some of my favorite fucked up films, and decided to make her a list. I spent many hours in my late teens and early twenties searching for a list just like this, so I was inspired to publish my own. I will preface this list by telling you that this is not an eloquent analysis of disturbing films, nor is this full of obscure gems. In fact, some of these don't even fall within the horror spectrum. This list is merely a collection of films an exploitation/horror/sci fi fan should get their hands on. These are in order from "I can't believe what I just watched," to "I seriously need to take a shower." Enjoy!

Editor's note: This is a beginner's list to the world of disturbing film. I am working on PART TWO of this list, to include gems like ICHI THE KILLER, SOCIETY, and MEGAN IS MISSING. Please let me know in the comments of this post if there are films worth adding!

Late to The Party: Curse of Chucky

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Images by Universal Home Entertainment
I was first introduced to Chucky when my teenage babysitter made me sit through Child's Play when I was five or six years old. The red-haired Good Guy doll tormented my nightmares and genuinely terrified me. As an adult, I seriously appreciate the campy humor and genuine slasher violence of the Child's Play series, and can list the films in my top favorite eighties slasher flicks. 

Curse of Chucky is the newest addition to the Child's Play franchise. This chapter started receiving hype in early 2013, and was released direct to DVD/VOD in September. I received the Child's Play boxset as a Christmas gift from my dear mother, and finally motivated myself to sit down and rewatch a few of the old movies, and of course, Curse of Chucky.