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I was first introduced to Chucky when my teenage babysitter made me sit through Child's Play when I was five or six years old. The red-haired Good Guy doll tormented my nightmares and genuinely terrified me. As an adult, I seriously appreciate the campy humor and genuine slasher violence of the Child's Play series, and can list the films in my top favorite eighties slasher flicks. 

Curse of Chucky is the newest addition to the Child's Play franchise. This chapter started receiving hype in early 2013, and was released direct to DVD/VOD in September. I received the Child's Play boxset as a Christmas gift from my dear mother, and finally motivated myself to sit down and rewatch a few of the old movies, and of course, Curse of Chucky.

The film picks up where the activities of Seed of Chucky left off, but hardly reference chapters four and five of the series. When her mother dies, wheelchair bound Nica's family visit to prepare funeral arrangements. (Not a spoiler, I promise.) Soon, Nica's niece finds a friend till the end with a recent and mysteriously delivered Chucky doll. When strange things start happening in her home, Nica realizes there may be more to the doll than she expected.

Brad Dourif continues to voice Charles Lee Ray. Nica is played by his daughter, Fiona Dourif. Don Mancini returns to direct the sixth installment, and seriously delivers. As a writer for every single piece of the Child's Play series, Mancini approached this film in a current and innovative way. If you're a long time fan of the series, you'll be happy to see the old Child's Play humor remains. This is definitely a modern horror movie, so expect to see more gore than past films, and be prepared for a twist. David Kirschner remodeled Chucky for this film, but he's still very recognizable. It was filmed in 2013, so CGI is expected. The blood in some scenes is pretty laughable, but Chucky is primarily animatronic.

I was very excited to see that the main character isn't able-bodied but still prevails as the heroine. We rarely see disabled characters who aren't murdered in the horror genre. (Let's have a brief moment of silence for poor Franklin from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.) This is a big move for the genre and I was happy to see it happen in a big name film. There were a few other great moments for women in horror in Curse of Chucky. (Debbie Lee Harrington returned to do stunts for Chucky. She also received a stunt credit for Bride of Chucky. Additionally, albeit over-sexualized and short-lived, the film included a same-gender couple.)

All in all, Curse of Chucky revived the franchise in a way that will please long time Child's Play fans, and that will open the doors for new fans. Watch through the end credits and keep an eye out for some familiar faces that I seriously nerded out over. 

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