Box of Dread: April 2014

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I'm a sucker for good old fashioned snail mail. There is nothing quite like receiving a package and mail day is always a good day. When I found out about Box of Dread, my mail lover/horror dreams came true. Before I get into the good stuff, I'll give you a little breakdown of how Box of Dread works.

The minds behind A+ horror blog Dread Central started this monthly subscription box. There are two pay options: $20/monthly payment or $57/three month payment. The three month payment saves you $3. Every month subscribers receive a box filled with horror memorabilia and one lucky subscriber wins Dread's "7th Box" (WHAT'S IN THE BOX?) filled with over $100 goodies, like new movies, games, signed merchandise, and movie props.

I received a handful of very exciting things in my box. The first thing I opened was The Walking Dead vinyl figure. I was really worried I wouldn't know what character it was because I'm a little over a season behind right now, but was pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face! The cereal killer cards are so cute and very fun. I can't wait to open up all the cards!

One of the items I'm most excited about is the gift card for Horror Decor. They have so many cool hand made items. A lot of our home is dedicated to horror merchandise so I'm really excited to expand. (My kitchen has no horror yet and I am so loving the potholders!) The American Horror Story cards brought a smile to my face because it's one of my favorite horror series out there. I'll probably be reviewing the next season here on the blog!

Okay, and seriously, the gore whore pin. It's so cheesy, I'm not even mad about it. I wasn't joking about wanting to wear this on everything I own. It'll probably go onto my denim jacket immediately.

As soon as I subscribed, I liked Box of Dread's Facebook page. Here, the lovely folks behind the madness update subscribers with boxing, shipping, and other timeline updates. It's also a nice forum for communication and is updated very regularly. Subscribers were notified that packages were being shipped early in the week, I received my tracking number yesterday, and received my box today (a day earlier than I expected!) I think the price is pretty great for what you receive. My box had six items and shipping is included. All in all, I'm a pretty happy lady and I can't wait for the May box!

A quick note: I filmed my very first unboxing video! I apologize for the crappy Photobooth quality but I plan to do this with every box and may include other reviews in the future. Please subscribe! XOXO

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