Box of Dread: May 2014

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It's past my bedtime and I'm late night blogging but I just opened my May Box of Dread and couldn't wait to share it! This is my second box from the creators of Dread Central. I loved my first box so much and my second box didn't disappoint! Check out individual photos of the items after the jump!

Is it sad that I got excited over the green packing peanuts? It's the little things, right?

I did a little more research on Scream Factory after opening the box. Scream Factory is a DVD/Blu-Ray/digital release sub-brand of Shout Factory. They sell cult classic horror and sci-fi films both past and present. I noticed tons of classics as well as a few titles I've never heard of, so I'm excited to further investigate their brand.

I am so happy with my second box. Box of Dread makes waiting for the mail such fun and I love filming my unboxing reaction. What other kinds of videos would you guys like to see? Movie reactions? Film reviews? Horror DIYs? Let me know in the comments. XOXO

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