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It's Father's Day, so let's talk about horror's best dads! I couldn't let moms have all the fun! The father figures in my life aren't nearly as into horror (or feminism) as my mom, but they're excellent nonetheless. (This actually served as a good reminder that I still have my stepdad's copy of Land of the Dead. Thanks, brain!)

This pretty much explains my relationship with my wonderful stepdad, Tom.
My dad and I never take good pictures together. Not ever. 

The dads listed here are as memorable as they are terrible, but I think that's what makes me love them. Happy Father's Day! (Where's my cake?)

Don - 28 Weeks Later

In the midst of a zombie apocalypse (kind of), Don abandons his wife, lies about it, gets infected with the rage virus (karma, right?), then tries to kill his kids. A real stand up guy. Actor Robert Carlyle, however, is kind of a babe. I said it. Sorry.

Jerry Blake - The Stepfather

Jerry Blake is every child's worst nightmare. While on the hunt for the perfect family, Jerry marries widows, then kills them and their children when things don't go as planned. This film makes me seriously happy my stepfather didn't kill me during my rebellious teen phase. I got lucky.

Henry Spencer - Eraserhead

Henry is arguably the best dad on this list. In a delusional, surreal, alternate world, Henry has premarital sex with Mary X and produces a mutant spawn. Mary X deserts Henry, and leaves him to care for the constantly screaming and ill alien. In a fit of frustration, Henry stabs the baby with scissors. Okay, maybe Henry isn't the best dad but I'll give him a gold star for effort! I've said before that David Lynch is a genius, and I'll say it again. Eraserhead hurts my brain but I enjoy it every time.

Freddy Krueger - Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare 

Let me preface this spot on the list by saying that this film was no classic Wes Craven treat (in fact, he doesn't return until New Nightmare) but I just couldn't leave Freddy off the list. New Line obviously didn't want the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise to die out, so in the sixth chapter, we learn that our old pal Krueger had a daughter. When Maggie learns of her identity, she decides to bring Freddy out of the dream world to kill him. "In dreams I am forever, too bad you're not."

Leland Palmer - Twin Peaks

Leland Palmer means well, (there's a spoiler warning on the side of my blog, there are no excuses) but his possession by BOB makes him erratic and we learn that he raped and killed his daughter, Laura Palmer. Ray Wise is incredibly believable and I love his role as Leland. By the way, have I mentioned that I love David Lynch? 

Jack Torrance - The Shining

Stanley Kubrick directed this beautiful film adaption of Stephen King's novel of the same name. Jack, his wife, Wendy, and son, Danny, move into the isolated (and very haunted) Overlook Hotel for the winter. Danny is telepathic and begins to see the terror that occurred at the hotel, while Jack descends into madness after a ghost butler tells him to "correct" his family. The Shining caused reoccurring Jack Nicholson murder dreams for years and I would actually run and hide in a confrontation with him. Nope.

Nathan Grantham - Father's Day (Creepshow)

After years of emotional abuse, Bedelia kills her father. When drunkenly remembering him seven years later, she accidentally brings him back to life. Nathan kills the rest of his family one by one, and returns with Bedelia's head as the Father's Day cake he persistently asked for every year. Stephen King wrote this short story specifically for the film (directed by zombie mastermind, George A. Romero). We could also include the dad in the Creepshow story that made his rad kid throw out the comic. Luckily, Billy gets his revenge by voodoo doll at the end of the film. 

Who are your favorite horror dads? Tell me in the comments and keep an eye out for June's Box of Dread Unboxing! XOXO

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