Box of Dread: July 2014

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Hey horrorsphere! My life has been crazy the past month. I've been working overtime, have had a social life (weird, right?), and have just been busy which is why I missed a post in June. Womp, womp. Sorry, friends. However, I am back with a new Box of Dread unboxing video for the month of July!

Check out the video (keep an eye out for a cameo from Mintzy the cat at the end!) and see more details after the jump!

I always upload a Box of Dread photo to Instagram @girlxterror with #boxofdread. Check out the hashtag if you want to see more boxes! Usually everyone has a slight variation and I love to see what other people thought of their boxes.

I did the math for this month's Box of Dread. A month of Full Moon Streaming is $6.99, the shot glass retails at $8.00, the print retails at $20.00, Pupper Master III on DVD retails $9.95, the Big Trouble in Little China comic retails $3.99, I'll just assume the stickers are $3/piece, and $6 shipping and handling. So we're looking at $60.93 total inside this box. Box of Dread retails $20 including shipping so I have to say, this box was absolutely worth it.

I'm activating my Full Moon subscription tonight. What are your favorite Full Moon flicks?

Thanks for reading! XOXO

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