Box of Dread: September 2014

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HOLY LATE UNBOXING! My Macbook has been out of commission due to a dead charger for a few weeks so I've been unable to make any posts or film my September Box of Dread unboxing. I was ECSTATIC for its arrival because not opening my Box of Dread was torturing me.

As always, check out the video below and more information after the jump!

I looked up the lunch box and water bottle, they retail at $17.99 and $7.28. With the Horror Decor merch and shipping, we're looking at a total value of over $30.00. Not too bad! The lunch box is SO cool and it's something I probably would have ogled over but wouldn't have purchased for myself so I'm really happy it was in the box. Tim nearly had a heart attack when he saw it! We're in love.

Keep an eye out for another post from me this week! You'll be surprised: it's not a list! Whoa!

Thanks for reading! XOXO

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