Box of Dread: December 2014 Unboxing + Fist of Jesus mini review

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This month's box was perfect. I am a big Gremlins fan and hold a sweet spot in my heart for Nightmare Before Christmas. My Gizmo koozie has already been put to good use!

The film poster is for a short film titled Fist of Jesus, created in 2012 by directors Adrian Cordona and David Munoz. It's a little tongue and cheek zombie movie centering around the story of Jesus. As an atheist who attended a Christian daycare as a child, (where I later worked as a teenager for a year, woof) I know more than I want to about general bible stories. When I saw Jesus performing the miracle of human life, I didn't expect it to be this kind of reincarnation. The gore is terrible (and great,) and I laughed SO much. This film is definitely worth 15 minutes of your time.

Marc Velasco (Jesus would be cute with a pompadour, wouldn't he?) and (ultra babe) Eli Roth
I originally thought Fist of Jesus was part of a compilation, but after further research have found that the filmmakers are trying to make a feature film around this story, titled Once Upon A Time in Jerusalem. Take a peek at the short film below, and visit the website at

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Update: domain names, Dread Central press, and stuff I'm enjoying this winter

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HELLO FRIENDS. First things first, GIRLTERROR.COM IS A THING AND YOU ARE ON IT. My little horror blog is on a real life web domain. These are exciting times. Also, my email address has changed! To contact me regarding Girl Terror, you can find me at! @GIRLTERROR.COM. I KNOW.

In other news, some of you may have seen my face pop up in this month's Dread Central subscriber email. This is definitely one of the coolest things that has happened to me ever, especially in the history of Girl Terror. Dread Central is one of my favorite blogs, and is among the most respected horror blogs on the internet. I feel so privileged to be part of the Box of Dread community and it was an honor to show up in this month's subscriber email. (PS: Did you subscribe for December?)

I also wanted to take this update to share a few of the things I've been loving lately.

1. Now Playing Podcast. I started listening to Now Playing when I was freelancing with Stila Cosmetics this summer. Commuting is a drag but listening to a bunch of real movie fans analyze horror movies (and action flicks, comedies, etc.) makes driving a little more fun. Sometimes I disagree with their "do not recommends," but I always laugh a lot and it's really interesting to hear other ideas about my favorite horror films and franchises. Now Playing is a free podcast (although there are additional podcasts and retrospective series for people who donate) and can be found on iTunes or at

2. Oh, just some shameless self promotion. I've been making pins a lot this week so wanted to share one of my favorites in the Girl Terror shop. These babies are $6 + shipping. Handmade with love out of wood and acrylic, and have a barback pin. 

3. "Duality of Laura Palmer" print from Dark Matter Artwork, $10. My friend, Richard Young, makes rad art and it's all quite affordable. I have an early version of this print and it's one of my favorites. He has plenty more cool prints in his shop, and also does commissions. (He's been known to paint some rad shoes.) Think of the great Christmas present options! 

4. Popaganda Podcast. It's no secret that I love podcasts. Popaganda is a podcast about pop culture and feminism by Bitch Media. They have some great feminist podcasts, but I especially enjoyed their podcasts about feminism and sci-fi, and feminism and horror films. These are an easy listen, totally free, and available on iTunes or at

What podcast recommendations do you have? (Spoiler alert: I already listen to Welcome to Nightvale!) Thanks for catching up with me! XOXO