Short Film Sunday: Izzy Lee's Postpartum

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Okay, I have a confession. I love Izzy Lee. She is, without a doubt, a woman in horror we need to keep our eyes on in the near future. In the last three years, she's directed five short films with her production company, Nihil Noctem Films. Although Lee is new to filmmaking, she's no rookie to the horror genre with her background as a contributor to multiple horror publications, like Diabolique, Rue Morgue, and Fangoria.

"Good intentions lead to disastrous
results when a woman visits a new
Izzy Lee co-wrote, produced, and directed her newest award-winning short film, Postpartum, starring Kasey Lansdale and Diana Porter. Diana (Porter) comes to check in on new mom, Holly (Lansdale), after being unable to contact her. Diana finds Holly covered in blood, hearing screams no one else can, with an apartment in shambles, and an eviction notice on her door. Diana refuses Holly's orders to leave, and when searching for the baby, she finds something grisly and unexpected.

Although the general premise of Postpartum has been done before, I definitely didn't compare it to others in the genre when viewing. I think the choice to leave the plot open was an intentional one, however I found myself asking "how did Holly get pregnant?" "what is that thing?" and "why does this twenty-something have an industrial size roll of Saran wrap?"

The cinematography in Postpartum is beautiful, and I was particularly thrilled with the score. Lullabies are typically pretty creepy, but composer Shayne Gryn's score is nearly reminiscent of jack-in-the-box music. (Talk about things nightmares are made of.) The only thing that really fell short for me was the acting. Porter doesn't have much time to shine, which is okay, but Lansdale was a little hard to believe at times. The subject of postpartum depression is very serious and I would have liked to see her take it on with more gravity. Nonetheless, she really owns her performance at the end of the film.

With all of that being said, I fully recommend Postpartum. It effectively delivers some spooky moments with an original twist. Postpartum premieres this week at the Nacogdoches Film Festival. Watch the teaser below and follow Nihil Noctem Films on Facebook!

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