Short Film Sunday: Jovanka Vuckovic's The Captured Bird

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If you haven't heard of Jovanka Vuckovic, you haven't been paying attention. Vuckovic has a strong horror background. After six years as Editor-in-Chief for Rue Morgue, she was named one of the most important women in horror history.

In addition to being an award winning director, Vuckovic is an artist and author with two published books, and has been showcased in multiple documentaries as a genre expert. Vuckovic is involed with the much anticipated all female horror anthology, XX, with Mary Harron (American Psycho,) Jennifer Lynch (Boxing Helena,) The Soska Sisters (American Mary,) and Karyn Kusama (Jennifer's Body). She also wrote, produced, and directed Jacqueline Ess, a full length Clive Barker adaptation.

Vuckovic's multi-award winning horror-fantasy short film, The Captured Bird, is absolutely stunning. She truly had an all star team working on this film, specifically with Guillermo Del Toro as executive producer. The Captured Bird shows a young girl follow a trail of mysterious black liquid to a large mansion, where she sees many haunting things: maggots seeping from the building, walls that bleed black, strange tenticles, and five entities that trap her in their strange world.

Vuckovic made many interesting choices in this film. First, her casting with Skyler Wexler as the young girl was perfect. This precious little girl is a scream queen in the making. When del Toro is involved with a film, I feel like they always scream "Guillermo del Toro" when viewing. His work is very distinct. With that being said, The Captured Bird's visual effects are stellar and unique from other recent fantasy films. (Although I did think the monsters looked a little like The Heartless from Kingdom Hearts.) I was also impressed with the film's score, composed by Redeemer. It's no secret that I'm a sucker for soundtracks, but I really thought the score perfectly illuminated the terror of The Captured Bird.

Watch The Captured Bird below, and head over to the official Captured Bird website to learn more about the film.

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