Short Film Sunday: Patricia Chica's Ceramic Tango

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I love short films. I truly think it is tougher to produce an effective short film than it is to produce an effective feature length film. A filmmaker must tell a story and deliver a message in just minutes and I think that's something really special.

I had the pleasure of connecting with director Patricia Chica this week. She has 21 directing credits (and counting) and specializes in psychological dramas, thrillers, horror and documentaries. She was also involved with the Women in Horror Month Massive Blood Drive PSA. With February being Women in Horror Month, there was no better filmmaker to begin this feature with.

Patricia Chica's award-winning 2013 short film, Ceramic Tango, was so powerful and absolutely blew me away. This film shows a young man, Riley, fall into a haunting depression after receiving threatening news. I was really impressed with Chica's direction. Ceramic Tango was shot beautifully. The set is relatable and paints a portrait of what it's like to feel trapped in your own space. I felt all of the vulnerability and terror in Holy Scar's performance and Richard Cardinal as Henry was so horrifying. I need to see more work from him as a film actor. Absolutely beautiful.

Take a peek at the film below, then watch the documentary about Patricia's directing experience.

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