Flashback Friday: Back To The Future Part II

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"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."
Hey pals! This week I'm continuing the Flashback Friday feature with fan favorite flick (say that five times fast!), Back To The Future Part II. This sci-fi comedy sequel really excited me. In fact, I have been begging my boyfriend to watch it with me every day for over a week. Back To The Future Part II (the second in the Flashback Friday feature from Taylor Swift's birth year, 1989) didn't disappoint.

Immediately after returning from 1955, Dr. Emmett Brown informs Marty McFly that they have to travel to the future (2015, to be exact) to prevent Marty and his girlfriend, Jennifer's, future son from going to jail. Everything goes as planned, until Marty tries to take a sports almanac back to 1985. Doc warns Marty of the consequences and reminds him that the DeLorean isn't to be used for financial gain, but an elderly Biff Tannen overhears and takes the almanac (and the DeLorean) to 1955 to deliver it to his younger self. Meanwhile in 1985A, millionaire Biff is married to Lorraine, and George McFly has been murdered. Doc and Marty must return to 1955 and retrieve the almanac to restore 1985 to its unaltered state.

My favorite thing about this sequel is that it was really made for fans of the original (although the first film was the top grossing film of 1985.) Director, Robert Zemeckis and writer, Bob Gale, received praise for the writing and casting decisions in Back To The Future Part II. After all, is there really a duo stronger than Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox? (I'll leave that open for debate.) Crispin Glover (George McFly) and Claudia Wells (Jennifer) were both recast in the sequel.

The film was nominated for, and won, several awards including those for special effects from artist, Ken Ralston. The way the future is portrayed in the film is quite comical, especially seeing it in 2015. One of my few notes for the film was "lol sky cars," to which Gale previously commented, "we knew we weren't going to have flying cars by the year 2015, but god, we had to have those in our movie." The film did predict a handful of technological advances though, like picture-in-picture, flat panel television, internet video calling, and hands free gaming. A Nike designer did say that self lacing shoes would arrive in 2015, but I'm still waiting on my hoverboard (and Hologram Jaws 19.)

Not unlike last week's Ghostbusters II review, I liked Back To The Future Part II more than the original film. A lot of past reviewers felt that the plot was forced, but I didn't. In fact, I really enjoyed some of the future scenes (especially those with the future McFly family) and thought the physics and science between two sets of Martys and Docs was really fun. All in all, I fully recommend Back To The Future Part II and I can't wait to head to the Wild West in Part III next week!

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