Flashback Friday: Ghostbusters II (1989)

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Would you believe that until last month, I had never seen the Ghostbusters sequel? I know, I know, you can start hazing me now. Even though I'm a remake fan, I typically avoid sequels unless they are from major franchises like Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, or Friday the 13th. My boyfriend was appalled at this, and has made a mission of making me catch up on famous sequels and 80s/90s movies I've missed. I'm taking you guys along for the ride while I watch movies everyone has seen but me. Welcome aboard.

Ghostbusters II picks up five years after the first film, when the Ghostbusters are put out of business after being sued for property damage that occurred while saving New York City. Ray and Winston are working as entertainers for children's parties, a gig that has them a laughing stock among town. Peter is hosting a faux paranormal TV show. Egon is studying human emotion as a scientist at Columbia University. Dana is working as an art restorer, has been married, divorced, and has a new baby when she realizes she needs the Ghostbusters' help again. One of the paintings at the museum she works at is possessed by sixteenth century tyrant who needs a child to regain human life. You know the rest. Ghosts are everywhere and the Ghostbusters come back together to save the day.

Ivan Reitman is one hell of a filmmaker. He's directed and produced some classic comedies but the Ghostbusters films are most memorable. The franchise was cast perfectly. Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd wrote their characters expertly, and the addition of Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson (although not written for the roles) perfected the team. Sigourney Weaver can do absolutely no wrong, and Rick Moranis is hysterical in literally everything. The writing in Ghostbusters II didn't fall short of the first film, and made sense for expanding the plot in the timeline given after the first film. I thought Ghostbusters II was funny and smart, and it kept me along for the entire ride. The film had critical reviews but, and this might be a lofty statement, I think I enjoyed Ghostbusters II more than the original. I wish I had seen this film as a child to attribute the positive memories most people hold with the franchise. My mom watched a lot of horror films with me growing up, but science fiction wasn't a love I discovered until my adult life.

I can't wait to see the next installation in the franchise (you can hear some of my thoughts about Ghostbusters III here.) and am glad I finally crossed Ghostbusters II off my to watch list. Next week: Back To The Future Part II. Do you have any recommendations for me? Leave them in the comments!

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