Short Film Sunday: Kristoffer Aaron Morgan's No Way Out

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No Way Out is a nine minute psychological horror film from 2011 that hasn't left my mind since the first time I saw it. In fact, when I created the Short Film Sunday feature, I knew No Way Out would make its way into the early mix of spotlighted films. This is one gem of a short film.

No Way Out reads as a horror film from a seasoned filmmaker, however director Krisoffer Aaron Morgan, and writer Eric Vepse, are fairly new to the industry. In fact, together they've created just two short films with a full length that's only been announced. (Someone get on that.) No Way Out drops us into the middle of the action. We're given no back story, just a man in the dark running away from something and begging for help. As the pieces to the puzzle unfold, we find a monster and a man seeking a way out.

The sound design for No Way Out is beautiful. I kept asking myself "what's making those sounds?" and not "this sounds like a cheesy monster," which is something that doesn't happen often. I like that. There are also some real cringeworthy practical effects moments that really impressed me. It's clear that the film's crew really did their homework. No Way Out's cinematography is stunning. The way light is used to show the character's psychological downfall is effective and really stuck with me. It's no secret that I'm AJ Bowen's biggest fan. I love him. I love him a lot. I love him more than I should love him. Bowen is the sole actor in No Way Out and really delivers. Viewers feel every ounce of his character's panic and haste. AJ Bowen is modern horror's Vincent Price. I mean it. For new filmmakers, Morgan and Vespe have splashed into the genre with No Way Out and I can only hope their full length, The Home, is coming quickly because I can't wait to see more.

What did you think of No Way Out? What should I review this month?

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  1. Usually people are too kind to short horror films so I wasn't expecting much. Impressive! Keep em coming.