Short Film Sunday: Corey Norman's Suffer The Little Children

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Another Sunday, another Corey Norman film review. This week, however, we have the Stephen King novella adaptation of Suffer The Little Children. I am just going to make a bold statement here, Corey (director) and Haley Norman (writer) are going to do really, really big things. Suffer The Little Children just won Best Actress and Best Short Film at HorrorHound, a big win for Bonfire Films. It's no surprise, because Suffer The Little Children is an excellent short film.

Ms. Sidley, an aging grade school teacher, suspects something terrifying about her students. Nonetheless, she pushes through her days in class, even though her peers question her ability to work. After her student Robert accurately predicts "tomorrow, something bad will happen," Ms. Sidley decides to take matters into her own hands as the viewer is forced to decide if what we're seeing is reality, or Ms. Sidley's descent into madness.

There is a lot to be said about the acting in this film. Anne Bobby's (Nightbreed) performance as Ms. Sidley is absolutely killer (pun intended,) and is the best acting I have seen in a short film this year. I can tell we're going to be seeing more of Andrew Lyndaker (Robert) who previously starred in Norman's Tickle. I really enjoyed seeing Lyndaker in a more malicious role and it really proves that even for such a young actor, he is truly multi-dimensional.

Suffer The Little Children used its screen time appropriately, at 22 minutes outside of credits. For a longer short film, it didn't drag on, and I felt that the entire story was told within its short run time. The two Bonfire Films shorts I've seen so far boast a high production value and visually, are absolutely stunning. This film, like Tickle, seems to have an eighties vibe with its subtle, eerie cinematography. Overall, Suffer The Little Children just might beat Tickle for the best short film I've been lucky enough to see this year.

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