Short Film Sunday: Corey Norman's Tickle

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It's no secret that I'm a sucker for short films. I'm even more of a sucker for short films that incite nightmares, and Corey Norman's creature feature, Tickle (written by Haley Norman,) is grade A nightmare fuel.

Seven year old Charlie begs his babysitter, Trudy, to let him stay up and watch scary movies with her. Trudy declines, and instead tells him a campfire style story about a closet troll named Tick Tack. Tick Tack finds children's feet that haven't been tucked in and tickles them, and for children who aren't so ticklish, he "takes them clean off." Soon, the duo discover that Tick Tack isn't just an urban legend.

I loved so much about Tickle. Casey Turner's performance as Trudy was spot on. She was the classic kinda badass, kinda snotty babysitter from horror films past. After all, this is definitely an 80's-inspired flick. Her relationship with Charlie (Andrew Lyndaker) gave me serious nostalgia to some of the annoying kids I babysat in high school. There are some really great moments with Charlie, specifically when he gets a little spooked by the story and tells himself "you're such a scaredy cat, Charlie. Trolls aren't even real." Tick Tack was a little cheesy but it worked for me when looking at Tickle as a throwback film.

Tickle also throws in some excellent slasher nods, complete with practical effects and enough gore to satisfy your inner blood hound. (There's a particular fingernails against the floor shot that made me really happy.) In true 80's fashion, Tickle is accompanied by a very John Carpenter inspired, synth-y score that I loved. Great writing. Great acting. Great direction. All in all, Tickle is one of the best short films I've seen this year and I can't wait to see what Norman comes up with next.

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