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Once a month I'm going to share things I've been really loving. Many of the things shared here will be horror related, but I'm also going to include some other favorites like podcasts, books, things I've purchased, and general lifestyle things. Girl Terror is a feminist horror blog at heart, but sometimes I want to share a little bit more about my life here. My blog, my rules. Here are the things I loved in March.


You Must Remember This is a series about old Hollywood stories and scandals. I just listened to their three-part series about Marilyn Monroe and was fascinated to learn about her early life and how the men around her influenced her to make career decisions she wouldn't have made alone. I'm currently listening to their nine-part series about Charles Manson's Hollywood. It explores Charlie's relationship with Dennis and Brian Wilson and how films like Bonnie and Clyde laid the groundwork for free love and anti-authority movements in the sixties and seventies.

Up and Vanished covers the strange 2005 disappearance of teacher and beauty queen, Tara Grinstead. I've recently become more interested in true crime and prefer a podcast dedicated to one story like Serial, to individual episode stories like Sword and Scale.


I work from home and music with vocals tends to distract me while typing so I've been leaning towards darker electronic music lately. Carla dal Forno's record You Know What It's Like could be the score to a classic giallo film. Soundtrack buffs will love it.

Sampha was featured on a Solange song and her album A Seat At The Table was one of my favorites from last year. I've been listening to Sampha's debut album, Process, when I'm doing yoga or having a lazy day at home.


Glossier's Priming Moisturizer Rich is my new go-to moisturizer for day and night. My skin is super sensitive and this is one of few things that have made my face feel happy during this dry winter to spring period in Chicago.


I just caught The Devils (1971) on Shudder. The film received an X-rating in the United States and United Kingdom and was banned in many countries. Subsequently, the director and studio cut a lot of footage and film historians thought that the footage had been destroyed until a film critic found it in 2004. The uncut version is available for the first time in the US exclusively on Shudder. You'll like it if you're into religious and extreme horror.

Enlighten Us
 (2016) was a great documentary about motivational speaker James Arthur Ray, whose popularity fell when three of his clients died in a sweat lodge he hosted. I've recently become more interested in cults and though James Arthur Ray's practice wasn't a cult, the way he influenced a large group of people is in a way similar to cult leaders' practices. I watched it on Netflix but you can find it on Youtube below.


I finally picked up Studio House Designs' "Tom Savini Rules" shirt. I've been wearing it twice a week since it showed up.

Synapse Films released a steel book for Popcorn (1991). Popcorn is one of my all time favorite slashers and I preordered this copy months ago. The steel book has both cover designs on either side and is really fucking cool. It contains the film on both DVD and Blu Ray and a ton of special features like the film's TV spots and interviews with the cast. It's limited to 3000 copies but as of now, they're still available to purchase. I'm looking out for other collector's merchandise for Popcorn now, so if you have any leads on cool VHS copies, alternate or international posters and one-sheets, or the 1991 promotional popcorn box pin (I've been trying to track one down for years), shoot me an email! I already have an original poster that I scored on eBay for $7 and it's one of my prized possessions.

I just had my hair cut and colored at Penny Lane Studios in Chicago. Chrissy has been cutting my very picky boyfriend's hair since we moved here and I just took the plunge into my blonde journey. If you're local, I definitely recommended seeing Chrissy.

Depop is my new best friend. If you're into buying/selling used clothing, vintage, etc., I recommend it. I have some femme apparel, makeup, and accessories in my shop. Say hi if you came from the blog!

That's all I have for March. I'll plan to do these monthly or seasonally if you guys are into it. Email me or comment your film and podcast recommendations for April! Excited to catch up soon. XO

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